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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Shop Projects

The WN Shops have been quite busy. A few weekends ago I started a project I was putting off for a long time. I purchased some undercoated SD40-2s from Kato. I really liked them and figured it was time to paint them up.

The first one I figured I would try and do what I do with my WW2 armor models and try a shadow coat. Looked great till I put a second coat of BN Green on. It looked TERRIBLE. So i quickly threw the locomotive into a 91% Rubbing Alcohol bath. Took the paint off right away and I had a clean canvas again. I repainted the model with no issues.

Shadow paint job....

Once the paint dried, i put some decals on. I'm running low on decals and I am waiting for Kevin Smith to get some to me so I can finish up the SD 40-2s. I also need to add all the warning labels and some safety striping. I'll do some highlighting and some light weathering and I will be in service! After that a decoder will be added, along with a Keep alive.

I have also been working on the box car fleet for the WN as well as some of the covered hoppers. I am hoping to have some pictures up of the box cars in the coming days. 

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