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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Reference Photos Part 2

I wanted this blog not only to include my construction of my layout, but I wanted to include some photos to help modelers build industries on their layouts.

Below are some photos that I took at a rail served industry. The company makes wood trusses that are shipped out by truck. They receive center-beam flats of lumber via the Norfolk Southern Local that services the area from the Reading Yard.

Loading/unloading dock area. This could be achieved using the Pikestuff Kit.

Team track area w/ cement pad.

The small grade crossing is made of wood. To replicate this you could use the Woodland Scenics kit or I think Blair Line makes a laser kit you could install and stain.

Picture of the switch with the derail.

This is a picture of the area used to fill trailers with woodchips/saw dust from the manufacturing process. This has a spot for 2 trailers.

Shot of the sawdust/woodchip bin.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tech Tip. Tuesday

Hello Modelers!

I am going to begin a series of posts on Tuesday of hopefully every week showing something I use to help with model railroading.

This week is something I just picked up for helping with painting. I picked up an inexpensive "Lazy Susan" at my local Bed Bath and Beyond.

I think this was $7.99. It has a rubber area and it spins pretty nice. Would be a great addition to you spray booth.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Mail Call Monday

Here is a few items I received in the mail from various sources. Most of the items were from eBay but one items is from Modeltrainstuff.com and the other was a sale off Facebook.

I picked this beauty up from Shaun Toman's Custom Weathering. Model is a Tangent PS4750 Covered Hopper. Pictures do not do it justice but this will look great at my trans-loading area on the layout.

Picked this up off of eBay. Custom weathered Liquid Sugars tank car

This was another eBay purchase. I think I have a covered hopper in my collection from the same company Specialty Minerals.
Yet another eBay purchase. I actually bought 3 of these. In the picture are the two I got in one auction.

The item I bought from Modeltrainstuff.com was the Walther's Cornerstone Series Medusa Cement.
I also picked up a clay slurry tank car which I cant find a decent picture of at the moment. Things are coming along but I think I will need to start inventorying and cataloging my cars so I know exactly what I have.
Thanks for keep up with the updates. Stay tuned for more, and maybe even a YouTube video in the future!


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Motive Power Project

Well its been a few weeks. I actually finished this project about a week or so ago but with planning for a wedding I haven't had much modeling time.

I now have some time and wanted to post the progress of the newest addition to the WN.

Here is the cab and hood area all painted. This was pre clear coat.

Took the time to detail the cab a bit with the addition of a figure. I wanted to have a little more realism in my locomotives rather than a ghost cab. I added some of the decals and started applying the handrails. Figure is from MeDoMinatures

Here is another shot of the locomotive engineer.
I still need to paint some of the finer details and finish up with some of the other details like adding striping and some builder plates decals and other lettering.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

New Power! New Project

I wanted to take a moment to to show a picture of a new project.

I purchased a used MP15 from Geno Sharp. Got a great deal on this Athearn Genesis MP 15 w/ DCC and sound. What the selling point for me was the working beacon on the roof (I'm a big fan of them!)

MP15 in the old Alabama Central Scheme. Unit was one of the SOO "Bandits"

First I had to strip the paint off. That was done with 91% rubbing alcohol. Here is the end result.

Tonight I plan on shooting it with a coat of primer, and hopefully have the BN Green on by tomorrow evening!

Stay tuned for more on this project and other upcoming things on the layout!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Reference Photos

I wanted to take a moment to share some photos of some prototype trackage that leads to a building supply company. I figure these can be useful for modeling some industries on your layout.

A shot of looking down towards the Norfolk Southern mainline. It a 2 tack main, but there is a siding that is connected to this spur. 

Here is a photo of a crossing. It is made out of stone and there are railroad ties at the edges of the rails.

Here is a de-railer that is right before the crossing that leads up to the unloading docks.

Picture of the loading dock area. prior to this is a small ramp for unloading box cars.