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Friday, February 21, 2020

"New" Power to the WN

One of my favorite things with railroading is patched units. Seeing something old, with heritage, continuing to be used by another railroad is something I have always enjoyed to see. One of my favorite units was the old Soo Line Bandits. They were so unique. I also enjoyed other patched out unites the the BC Rail Sd 40-2s that were once owned by Oneida & Western.

Recently I have picked up some units for the WN that will be patched out. The WN has a few units that are patched already, one of them being a GP-38 from BNSF.

There are a few projects that are making their way to the shops:

1) SD40-2 shell from Athearn. This is in FURX scheme and I plane on taking off the FURX and renumbering it with a different font. That unit will look similar to the FURX units in service by Wheeling and Lake Erie.

2) SD 40-2 from Scale Trains in the BNSF patch. I will be taking off the BNSF patch and lettering it for the WN.

3) GP-50. BN unit with "tiger stripe". I plan on maing this unit a "bandit" but for the WN.

4) SD 40-2 from scale trains. Ex Milwaukee Road, ex EMD bandit unit. Plan on removing the EMD logos and patching it out for WN.

5) GP 38-2. Former GATX unit. Will be transformed into our own "SMURF" scheme like BNSF.

I have some other project down on paper and look to get those rolling in the future. As always still working on getting the track work laid out and hope to get an update on that soon.

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