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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Doing Some Pad Work

The other night I took some time to add a concrete pad to the unloading area to the bakery. What started as just a little project, turned into a bigger operation.

At first I just added the concrete. That was just a gray in color project foam piece. You can pick these up at AC Moore or other craft store. These make great little areas in spot where it would be cumbersome to do with sculptamold or hydrocal. Once cut, I glued it into place with some white glue.

 I then took the unloading area of the bakery and decided to weather it. After two weathering layers it was where I wanted it to be. I sealed up my work with some dullcoat and called it a day. I then moved on to the other unloading area. I wanted this to be a little more weathered for the look of it being the original area. A few layers and I think it is done. I went a little overboard in the one area, which is fine because I plan to put the sign for the bakery in that area. I still need to add some roof details to the one part and some other odds and end detail-wise but in the end this will turn out good!

Finished product...well for now anyways!

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