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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Productive Weekend

I took some time this weekend to do some work on the layout. Main mission was to get some track work redone to accommodate the new 8ft. section I put on. I took out the pads for the transloading facility and extended that area to make it a runaround track. I also plan on putting a small crew office there and my locomotives will sit there when not in operation. I got this idea from a Google Maps search of an industrial park area and thought it may be a good idea to put in.
This is a shot looking towards the curve to the bakery. 
The siding that was installed will be leading to an industry.

This is first two feet of the new section that was added. 
The siding installed will be leading to the future home of Blue Star Cement.

Tonight I also took some time to work on some trees. I am using the Scenic express SuperTrees. I bought these maybe two years ago and they were sitting in the box. As I started to pull some of the trees out, I saw that the trees were all together and took the shape of the box. I have the box open and have been taking them apart carefully and slowly to see if I can get them to not hold the square shape. I took some of the smaller ones and started trimming them up. For these trees I used two methods. First was just taking the tree and spraying them with a spray adhesive. For that I used Locktite. (You could use any kind. I recommend Locktite or 3M). Once the spray adhesive was applied I took some blended turf and sprinkled it on. I placed a small basin below my area to catch the extra turf. I that way you can reuse the stuff that fell. Once the tree was covered, I took some hairspray, any kind will do, and sprayed the trees to seal the work. I would suggest unscented, unless you want your trees to smell. After making some trees I placed them in a foam piece to dry. I also used the same method as above, however I sprayed the trees with brown camo spray paint first. I didn't really notice a difference.   I have included a YouTube video from D. Glass. Great guy and great modeler. 

I plan on ordering some leave material from Scenic Express. Once i get that in i will see what that looks like on some of the trees.

Mr. Glass' YouTube video below.

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