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Monday, January 23, 2017

Hobby Shop Trip

This past week I had some sad news come across my newsfeed on Facebook. A hobby shop about 30 min from my house was going to be closing up shop. I had only ever been there one time after finding out about in back in late 2015. The place is called ChooChooNuts (not to be confused with the ChooChoo Barn which is in Strasburg) Anyway, the flyer they had said everything was 30% off. So Saturday I took a drive down there to see if anything was left. To my surprise there was a good amount of rolling stock and such there. My main mission was to look for detail parts. Last time I was there I saw a huge drawer of parts. I went there and found a massive amount of parts there. My main mission was AC units or the roof of some of my EMD units.

Once I collected the parts I was looking for, some AC units, rotary beacons and MU cables, I took a walk through the rolling stock area. There was a nice assortment of boxcars, tank cars of various sizes and covered hoppers. While some of the models were tempting, I know I have more than enough of those on my layout along with the storage bin. I wanted to look for some cars I could use for the cement plant that I would be building on the new expansion of the layout. Looking through the open hoppers I was able to find what I was looking for, Walthers 40' Ortner cars. Most were older lines but I was able to find some Golden West Service cars which I will weather up and use for service to the cement plant.

Hoping to get some paint down tonight or tomorrow so I can start laying track for the cement plant.


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