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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Static Grass Test

So a few weeks ago I was looking into adding static grass to my layout. Hunting around I found the usual ones on ScenicExpress. I found Noch and another brand (name escapes me). One was $190.00 and the other about $150.00. I wasn't sure if I was ready to make the jump into that type of investment. I had use the old ground foam from Woodland Scenics and while it doesn't look horrible, it is just to bright for my liking, even with different shades.

I was hunting around on eBay to see if I could find a deal, which I really couldn't find, unit I came across a seller in Massachusetts. Guy had a kit for about $55.00 (including shipping). Kit included a mini static grass device and a  larger one. Also included was a small wire rack with wax type paper. This is to make grass tufts. I figure this wasn't bad and made the purchase. A few days later it came in the mail. Per the instructions I held the alligator clip close to the solder joint and it sparked. This meant it was working (per the instructions).

With work and a kitchen repaint going on, I did not have the luxury of time on my side to test out the devices. Today I went over to my local hobby shop, Iron Horse Hobby House, and picked up some track along with some Woodland Scenic Static Grass. I fired up both devices and secured the alligator clip to a nail.

I spread a mixture of glue and water down to the test piece. I began spreading and the turf dropped but wasn't standing on end like I though it would. So I took a closer look and boom the grass was standing up.It is a little light right now but once I get some other static grasses I will blend them together.I know some guys use static grass mats for larger areas, which I tried before and they looked great. I would suggest that for larger areas, or making lawns for houses.

Regardless I think this was a great investment for those modeling on a budget.


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